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Crystal Productions

is a music publishing house, dealing with both publishing activities and organizing concerts and, last but not least, screen printing, especially for music and sports activities. Since mid-2006, we have expanded our range to include the production of CDs, including booklets, stickers, cakes ... You can find out more by clicking in the individual sections CD / DVD / Vinyls, stickers and printed matter.

Since the company was founded in 2002, we have published the following titles:

LIVEEVIL - Arctangel, CRITICAL MADNESS - Killable, DIGITUS IN RECTO - Fresh Trash, CRASHPOINT - Acid Vitamin, DISFIGURED CORPSE - Mankind Collapse, EUTHANASIA - Requiem: Songs for ..., R.E.T. - The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel, ELEKTRÏCK MANN - Zhorovy Streety, DIGITUS IN RECTO - Switch !!!, DISFIGURED CORPSE - United Hellland, R.E.T. - In Love With Blood, EUTHANASIA - Ceremenony Of Innocents, DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY - Farewell to the terrestrial world, ELEKTRÏCK MANN - Hrubý styl - Live 2001, HYPNOTIC SCENERY - Back in the Bloody Ruins a SEPPUKA - Seppuka. We organized dozens of concerts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We have been dedicated to screen printing for 6 years and we already have more than 150 motifs of bands from the Czech Republic and abroad. We print with high-quality plastisol inks, using the most modern technologies. We use everything from basic color shades, through the pantone swatch to special effects such as leather effect, 3D, foaming, phosphorus and much more. Among the most famous bands that have printed in our country, we can mention, for example: GUT, ROMPEPROP, WASTEFORM, HORNA, JIG-AI, LOCOMOTIVE, MASTER, AVULSED, CELEBRATUM, OBLOMOV, SANATORIUM, DISFIGURED CORPSE, GORE, FLESHLESS, DOGHOLEL, HA , CARNAL DIAFRAGMA and dozens more. From festivals: Kaltenbach Open Air, Trutnov Open Air, Night Full of Stars, Masters of Rock, Wire Festival, Upstream, Metal Burning ...

We offer a large selection of colors, sizes and prints. T-shirts for men, women, with short, long sleeves and without sleeves. We print on a six-arm manual carousel in the print format 50x70 cm or on an eight-arm automatic carousel in the print format 45x65 cm. Dispatch is usually within 10 days from the delivery of graphic materials.

Crystal Productions Merchandise Factory s.r.o.

Dělnická 769/64

735 64 Havířov - Prostřední Suchá

Company ID: 02585481

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