If YOU HAVE A BAND or operate as a different type of artist, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT SECTION!

For all our customers, we offer space and an e-shop that you do not care about completely FREE! One of the real few conditions (see CONDITIONS) is that your merch will be produced by us = Crystal Productions Merchandise Factory s.r.o. :). You don't know us? Look at who we are.

Choose below what interests you and what our collaboration might look like! We're already looking forward to adding your band to STEFACHA UNITED ART!!!




Basically, it depends only on whether you, as a band, can prepare the material yourself or if you need our help. And then it's all about what you wish for yourself or you dream up! The possibilities are practically unlimited (more see WHAT MERCH CAN YOU HAVE)!

1. SCENARY – You have little money in the band and you feel that having your own merch is expensive and complicated

  • Do a little research among your fans. Post a picture of the theme you want to put on T-shirts on Facebook or Instagram and see if you can sell 5, 10, 20 or more T-shirts or another type of merche among fans.
  • Place an order with us for at least 20 pieces and pay nothing to add your graphics. This applies if you have 1 product with up to 5 variations (e.g., 5 colors).
  • The initial order (we need to know you are serious) will be paid as soon as  you collect from your fans or save a little money for the merch up front.
  • Prepare your data and documents correctly (see WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU). As soon as our administrator approves everything, we prepare your profile/e-shop and you pay nothing at all.

The price for printing on an initial collection of 20pc ranges from 2,20-7,50€ (excluding VAT) and is calculated according to several parameters (design size, white or black and coloured material, type of material). In the case of later prints, you always have the same price. Details and examples are in the section HOW MUCH DOES IT COST.
For both smaller and larger quantities, we will give you an individual price (e.g., 10 or more than 100 pieces).
A full-color, however complicated, print (calmly despite the inequalities) to a scale of 406x533mm!!!

2. SCENARY – You've got a run-of-the-mill band, your own graphic artist, and quite a few fans, but you don't want to worry about anything and plan anything.

  • You know you need 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 pieces; you have a theme because you've done it before, but you don't have the time or knowledge to create photos, pictures, captions, and everything that's needed.
  • You only need to print a few pieces from your merche for an upcoming concert or festival (e.g. you are out of black L).

In this case, for a tiny fee (see HOW MUCH DOES IT COST) we will prepare everything, just deliver your design - see WHAT DO WE NEED FROM YOU and that's all you care about. Next, you're just making ongoing orders or forwarding your fans a link to your/our e-shop.

The price for printing on an initial collection of 20pc ranges from
2,20-7,50€ (excluding VAT) and is calculated according to several parameters (design size, white or black and coloured material, type of material). In the case of later prints, you always have the same price. Details and examples are in the section HOW MUCH DOES IT COST.
For both smaller and larger quantities, we will give you an individual price (e.g., 10 or more than 100 pieces).
A full-color, however complicated, print (calmly despite the inequalities) to a scale of 406x533mm!!!

3. SCENARY – You have a run-of-the-mill band. You sell hundreds of merch a year. Price and quickness are critical to you.

We'll make an individual calculation, recommend the technology, and if you're interested in an e-shop, you can either have it for free (if you supply the right documentation) or for a small fee (we'll prepare everything for you).

Prices for a one-colour print up to 297x210mm when collecting a hundred pieces (prints) start at 0,90€ - white textile) / 1,10€ - coloured and black textile (excluding VAT).
Prints can be combined. For example, you may have one print for 20 hoodies, 60 T-shirts, and 20 tank tops.

For individual calculations, contact us at kontakt@crystalprod.cz.

Of course, scenarios can be interwoven and complementary in any way. We know that each of you has different wishes, so we will always do our best to accommodate you! Of course, even a big band in our country can have their own merch if it's comfortable for them. There are no limits to fantasy and your needs!


1. Your print-quality design or designs at 1:1 (300dpi, CMYK), exactly as you want them on a textile or other product.
2. Your Entry - what textiles, products, colors, and quantities count for the initial order
3. Product labels in Czech and English, if you make them yourself.
4. Pictures and photos of the product, in case you're planning it yourself.

The main photograph must be sharp and well taken, at exactly 800x1000px, jpeg compression range 80-90%, 96dpi, jpg format. We recommend taking photos exclusively in uniform style. Ideally, take inspiration from the main photos of our other items in the e-shop.
Product images must be completed according to our specification, which we will deliver to you based on a selection of your products in the size of 800x1000px, jpeg compression range of 80-90%, 96dpi, jpg format.
The size of each product image and photo must not exceed 300 kb! The ideal size of the exported image is between 150 and 250 kb.


You already have your own profile/e-shop with us and you need to finish any time 1, 2, 3 pieces for anyone who just remembered?

No problem. You don't pay for anything. E-shop operates on its own, without you! Just tell anyone who asks you about merch to click on your/our e-shop and order! Typically, your merch will arrive at your door within three working days! You only get your commission credited to your account.

We will also be happy to send any of your orders (1 or 100pcs) directly to you or to the concert/festival where you are going. It's always the way you need it and on time!
You certainly don't have to do endless warehouses with us in the rehearsal room or in the apartment; we'll deliver whatever you need at any time!


If you don't want to pay anything to add your non-manufactured products (in other words, to create a portfolio without, for example, having a single T-shirt ready), you need to make an initial order of at least 20 pieces to include your band in STEFACHA UNITED ART. Otherwise, a supplement should be provided for the addition of products. Anything your fans order at any time, you don't care anymore, it's all on us!


Your only first payment will be a textile payment:

You can choose anything you want – use for example our

For example, we select:
1pc men's  black T-shirt B&C #E190 (size L) =   █ █ * (excl. VAT)
1pc men's black sweatshirt Lambeste MS10 (size L) = * (excl. VAT)
1pc black cotton bag Westford Mill W101 (universal size) = █ █ * (excl. VAT)

The first 20 pieces of textile (10x black T-shirt, 5x black hoodies, 5x black bag) can therefore cost you, for example * € (excl. VAT)

If you regularly order more than 100pcs of textile per month, we will offer you individual and more attractive prices.
All prices are valid only for bands and artists STEFACHA UNITED ART!

The resulting price of your product also consists of the following items:


The price of printing varies depending on the size of the print and whether it is necessary to print a white background or not. It does not matter whether the textile is white or coloured and black. We will always tell you how to print when we see your final design.

Full-color standard printing 
(e.g. any full-colour printing, white printing, or printing with lighter colours than the colour of the textile)

dimensions up to 150x150mm = █ █ *(excl. VAT)
dimensions up to 350x406mm = █ █ * (excl. VAT)
dimensions up to 406x533mm = █ █ * (excl. VAT)

Full color printing without white color 
(e.g. black printing on any lighter T-shirt than black (e.g. dark red))

dimensions up to 150x150mm = █ █ * (excl. VAT)
dimensions up to 350x406mm = █ █ * (excl. VAT)
dimensions up to 406x533mm = █ █ * (excl. VAT)

Surcharge for printing colored and black hoodies, where you also need to print a white background =
+ █ █ * (excl. VAT)


Advertising, e-commerce, our webmasters, and graphics all come at a cost, and we also want to offer quality services. In other words, nobody works for free for us either, which is why, by default, our commission of
█ █ * is added to the total for each of your products. In the case of very inexpensive products, such as badges or stickers, our commission is adjusted or reduced individually by agreement with you.

Additional possible surcharges depend on how our cooperation will look:

A surcharge for a product we're not physically producing yet
A surcharge for a product for which we prepare the documents for inserting the product for you


It's up to you how you make a deal in the band, how many T-shirts you want to sell, and how much of each piece you need for the band box.

For anyone who is serious about our cooperation, we have prepared a clear basic table ( on demand only! ) where everyone can calculate what is appropriate for them. Just change the recommended price and you can immediately see your commission.
We determine our recommended initial sales prices based on the current market situation and the prices of underground and mainstream bands in their Czech e-shops.

For simplicity and better explanation, we attach the following 4 real examples of what a product price and your net profit (commission) may look like:


Women's White T-Shirt B&C #E190 - FINAL RECOMMENDED SELLING PRICE 16,40€ incl. VAT:
Would you like to know what affects our recommended price and how your commission is calculated? Contact us!


Men´s Red/Black T-Shirt Kariban Baseball - FINAL RECOMMENDED SELLING PRICE 22,40€ incl. VAT:
Would you like to know what affects our recommended price and how your commission is calculated? Contact us!


Men´s Black T-Shirt B&C #190 - FINAL RECOMMENDED SELLING PRICE 20,40 € incl. VAT:
Would you like to know what affects our recommended price and how your commission is calculated? Contact us!


Men's Black zip-up hoodie Lambeste MS10 - FINAL RECOMMENDED SELLING PRICE 48,60 € incl. VAT:
Would you like to know what affects our recommended price and how your commission is calculated? Contact us!

If you don't want to make next to nothing, your price may be lower if you've spent a small amount of money on the graphic that suggests your design is required. This amount is logically reflected in the total price.

The centering is entirely up to you. In case you need any advice, we're always here for you!

Price-fixing for very cheap products, such as stickers or badges, we create with you individually. You don't have to worry so much that you'll want to sell the badge for █ █ * € and pay the standard Stefacha commission of * €. Of course, such a product would be unprofitable in the final instance, for example, * € so we will always deal with such situations on an individual basis.

All the prizes listed are just examples. The price of textiles changes approximately once every three months. If your sales get so big that you wouldn't be doing couscous, but a series of around 50-100pc (depending on colour), then we'll make the order for you at the warehouse with a screen print where the price is considerably lower (even by 50%).

It should also be remembered that more expensive (e.g. eco-friendly) materials make the whole product more expensive!

THE MAIN DEVELOPMENT is that with us you have nothing to fear; the whole system is impossibly simple:

You sell T-shirts → for earnings, you buy more merch, for example, for a new theme or another type of product → and so on and so forth. You don't have to spend anything that way, and everything will work just right!
And if you don't want more new merch, you'll just save your infinite earnings for things like new strings, microphones, guitars, a van, etc.:)!

We will pay your commission according to the agreement you make with us, or when you have at least 10 items sold.

OTHER FEES that can be charged depending on how our collaboration looks:

How much is it if I just want to put the products into an e-shop but I don't want to make them for now (creating a band portfolio)?

Your profile/e-shop at STEFACHA UNITED ART can work without a single piece of any product being pre-manufactured. You can have lots of products, themes, and designs and just wait and see what people order. As soon as the first order happens, we produce it immediately. Yet these non-manufactured products must be uploaded and created by someone. So there are two options for how our cooperation will work:

1. From each product you offer (maximum 5 colour variations of the product), you make a minimum order of 5ks (total minimum 20pc for e.g. 4 products) = in this case, you do not pay to add the item to the e-shop NOTHING which means ZERO € (including VAT). TIP: If you're in band 5, including the band's manager or mascot, everyone can act as a walking commercial and make themselves happy.

2. If you desire a small or large portfolio to send to your fans and wait to see if anyone and what they want, it is no problem for us. The price per item is █ █ * (excl. VAT) for one colour variation (e.g., white or black T-shirt). If there is more than one colour variation, * € (excl. VAT) is added for each colour. Adding a T-shirt that comes in a black, blue, red, and white combination will thus cost █ █ * € (excl. VAT)

How much does it cost to prepare product images, photos, and product labels for you?

1 product, 1 colour variation, all sizes, 1 type = █ █ * € (excl. VAT)
1 product, 5 colour variations, all sizes, 1 type = █ █ € (excl. VAT) (for each additional colour combination, * €)

The price is calculated according to the total number of products and variations, and depends also on how quickly you want your profile or e-shop to run. And finally, prices for data preparation are always dealt with individually and may thus differ in effect from the examples given.

How much does it cost to create a tailored design if we don't have one?

It happens, too. You have a band, but there's no graphic artist on hand. We also provide this service because we are a GRAPHIC STUDIO with hundreds of themes. Do not be afraid to approach us with this request!

And the price? An hour of graphic work is based on our agreement and scope of graphic work.
If you are interested in graphic design, just contact us!


MERCHANDISE can literally take your BAND anywhere!!! T-shirts, hoodies, swimsuits, mugs, beer steins, beer coasters, puzzles, buttons, stickers, wallets, pillows... what comes to mind.

Be inspired by our two prepared profiles on STEFACHA UNITED ART:
STEFACHA profile
The profile of the band DISFIGURED CORPSE

Or on merchandisefactory.eu and check the section WHAT WE CAN DO

And if you can't find anything, just ask. You can have anything at our place!

Don't you know how to choose your textiles?


Everything depends on the delivery of your materials, the number of motifs, textile types and colors. Once we receive everything from you, it goes through an approval process that takes a maximum of 14 days. It will take our graphics and administrators a maximum of 14 more days to prepare and paste your items into the e-shop. So, on average, it can take about 1 month to get everything up and running and to start selling and making your fans happy! We will always keep you informed in advance of your band's most accurate commitment to STEFACHA UNITED ART.

After our agreement, we will be happy to release both your new profile/e-shop and individual items/products. Thanks to clever e-mails, we like to send info to all registered fans as well as all bands that work with us. We'll also add you on Facebook. Let everyone see as quickly as possible what you have to offer!

Whether your profile/e-shop is ready or not, it has no bearing on your initial order! We will have the actual production of the initial merchandise (first 20 units) within a few working days, so you can personally sell the merchandise immediately. It's only in exceptional situations, when we're really full, that it can stretch out slightly. As a rule, not more than 14 days from the delivery of all the supporting documents and the approval of the contract and cooperation. But we always agree on everything and, believe it or not, before other orders, clients or bands, STEFACHA UNITED ART always takes precedence!!!


In order to make everything work as well as possible and to get as much merchandise as possible to your fans, only these 4 conditions apply to us:

  1. each of your themes on STEFACHA UNITED ART will be unique and exclusively printed and sold only in our country
  2. your website and band profiles (Facebook, Bandcamp, Bandzone, Instagram…) will make visible and uncovered links to your/our STEFACHA UNITED ART e-shop
  3. your data and handouts will be good enough for printing, labels will be free of spelling and grammar errors, product images and photos as specified
  4. your motives will not violate any laws of the Czech Republic

DO NOT FORGET that your next big advantage with us will be never-ending FREE advertising! 
STEFACHA UNITED ART offers many different themes and collections, and among them will promote your band in all sorts of places.


  • practically zero cost
  • no worries
  • advertising and making your band FREE
  • priority over others *
  • absolute transparency **

* It is a priority for us to always comply with your demands, so that you have your shirts in time for the planned event. Bands in STEFACHA UNITED ART therefore have priority over others.
** Worried you won't know how much your motive has sold? We don't play games, and we don't fool around, so whenever we want, we can send you a list of all your sales from our e-shop!

Have any questions? Please contact us!

* All details and specific prices for the recommended material, printing and detailed prices for the product (detailed pricing) are non-public and sent only upon request. DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US AT ANY TIME - the fastest way is email info@stefacha.cz! Thank you for your understanding!

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